Chinese construction workers entertained with traditional folk performance Print

A special visit in May by nine outstanding Chinese artists entertained about 200 Chinese workers, who had been working on a power plant project in northern Israel.

The folk artists, from the Chinese Quyi Artists Association, presented seven programmes for the workers, who are currently building the Kokhav Hayarden pumped storage power plant located nearby Lake Tiberias. PowerChina, China’s leading hydropower construction company, has been tasked with building the plant, which started construction in July 2017.

The show kicked off with the Kuaiban performance (a form of oral story-telling). The artists also performed Xiangsheng (known as ‘crosstalk comedy’), and played a Suona (a Chinese double-reed woodwind instrument), all while interacting with the excited audience. The one-hour performance was well received and warmly applauded by the attendees. The Chinese artists also performed for an Israeli audience at the China Cultural Center in Tel-Aviv.

(Issue Jul/Aug 2019)