Japanese Summer Festival Print

The second annual all-day Japanese Summer Festival recently took place in Tel- Aviv on 24 August, held at ZOA.

A full host of activities were organised for the attendees, intended to highlight Japanese culture. Examples of these include a karaoke area, an origami challenge, flowerarranging lessons, authentic Japanese food stands, and plenty of theme-inspired beverages. Japanese chef Manami Ono arranged the vast array of food delicacies.

The festival also featured a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, and Sushi workshops conducted by Israeli Chef Boaz Tzairi.

During the day, eight performers accompanied by original music performed a traditional Japanese dance show. There was also the Aikido Performance entitled The Way to Harmony with Energy, a Japanese martial arts demonstration, and a Taiko Show – Giant Drum which is customarily saved for ceremonies in public temples, and is based on a combination of martial arts and meditation.

(Issue Sep 2019)