23 February 2018 - 9 Adar 5778 - ט' אדר ה' אלפים תשע"ח
Mumbai Hitler themed restaurant opens E-mail

A themed restaurant called ‘Hitler’s Cross’ has opened in a suburb of Mumbai, India.  Mumbai is home to around 4,500 Jews who expressed their outrage, though few others outside the community expressed their disapproval.

The themed restaurant is decorated with swastikas, Nazi ‘memorabilia’ and several Hitler posters. As per owner, Puneet Sablock, the name and theme were not meant to be offensive but chosen merely to attract attention to his new business.


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Incident at Ohel Leah E-mail

The Jewish Community Centre of Hong Kong’s Security Staff recently reported, to local authorities, that a man was seen videoing Ohel Leah Synagogue.  The police arrived and the man was taken to Central Police Station for questioning.

The man, a Saudi Arabian national, was later released and not charged.  He indicated to police that he was in Hong Kong as a tourist.  JCC Security officials remain skeptical and have alerted the community accordingly.

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New Chabad House opens in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam E-mail

This summer Chabad established its presence in Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.  As Vietnam’s economy expands and they become host to larger numbers of multi-national companies, likewise the demand for an organised centre for Jewish life will grow.

Rabbi Mordechai Avtzon, of Hong Kong’s Chabad, is directing the entrance into Vietnam. “We are looking to set down the infrastructure of Jewish life in Vietnam according to Torah and Jewish law instead of waiting to see a Jewish community form there,” indicated Rabbi Avtzon.

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Shabbat in Cambodia E-mail

As part of the Chabad Summer Peace Corps, Friday night services were held in Cambodia.  Rabbi Motti Seligson and Rabbi Levi Kotlarsky, both Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis, hosted the event.

The project was part of a large initiative that sent over 200 rabbis around the world in order to make Judaism more accessible to Jews living in regions otherwise cut off from major arteries of Jewish life.  


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Chabad emissary in route to Laos Print E-mail

Rabbi Shalom Ber Merzel will soon travel to Laos to serve the community’s needs. Rabbi Ber Merzel will be interacting with Israeli and other Jewish backpackers as they make their way throughout Southeast Asia.

Laos has now become the seventy-third country to have a Chabad emissary.  Prior to this appointment, Laos was solely covered as part of Thailand’s region.


(Issue September 2006)

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