Bangkok hosts its first Progressive High Holiday services

Rabbi Joel Oseran, Vice President of the World Union for Progressive Judaism, will be in Bangkok to lead High Holiday services for Progressive Jews in Bangkok. Rosh Hashanah Services will be held on the evening of 29 September and the morning of 30 September at the Davis Hotel.

Yom Kippur Services will be held, also at the Davis Hotel for Kol Nidre on 8 October and beginning for Shacharit on 9 October at 10 am. Their Yom Kippur service will conclude with a communal breakfast.

This High Holiday programme the first of its kind in Bangkok, is also a fact fi nding mission to gauge how much of a need the Bangkok community has for a Progressive congregation as an alternative to the existing communities.

While the service will be open to backpackers and business travelers, the real aim is to reach out to the permanent community members.

The initiative is receiving much support from the World Union for Progressive Judaism as well as Hong Kong’s United Jewish Congregation (UJC), a congregation affiliated with the international Progressive/ Reform movement. The Hong Kong UJC is eager to help the community take the initial steps towards the launch of a permanent Progressive congregation.

(Issue September 2008)