Chanukah in Asia is anything but ordinary
Throughout the world, Jews are celebrating Chanukah. While there are many commonalities to our celebrations, everyone is able to add their unique flare and traditions reflecting who they are as individuals, where they are and where they come from.
Bangkok, Thailand

In Thailand, festivities included Chabad’s concept of a worldwide Menorah parade with a twist.

The menorahs were mounted on the backs of elephants in a joyful celebration with some Thai spice. Joyous music and good spirit filled the crowded streets.

Hong Kong Carmel School

Elsewhere other Asian communities likewise added their own unique touches to the joyful celebrations with song, sufganiyot, latkes and of course the bright lights of the chanukiah often in public lighting ceremonies. Parties were held across the globe.

This year some kept to tradition while others created their own new ones.


(Issue December 2007 / January 2008)