Jews from Kaifeng serve in the Israeli Army Print

Three young men from the ancient Chinese Jewish community in Kaifeng, will serve in the Israeli army.

A few years ago they made aliyah to Israel and recently completed their conversion to Judaism. Their dream is to serve in the IDF’s Golani Unit. They are Moshe Li, Gideon and Yonatan Fan Xue. “I am  the only childin the family, and my parents stayed in China,” said Yonatan Xue.

“Before I made aliyah, I began the process of officially converting to Judaism. In China, I studied dentistry for three years and worked in a hospital. I have always dreamed to serve in the Israeli army, and I am excited that I will soon be able to fulfill this dream. I want to make new Israeli friends and through my military service to become part of the Israeli society,” he added.

(Issue february 2015)