31 May 2008 - 26 Iyyar 5768 - כ"ו אייר ה' אלפים תשס"ח
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A historian in search of the Jews of China Print

If you ask Chan Sui Jeung (aka “SJ”) to tell you the story of how the Jewish Historical Society of Hong Kong came to be, he’ll ask you if you have time for the whole story: “it takes about 45 minutes.”  It will take longer if you ask questions, but the time is well worth it.

How does a nice Hong Kong Chinese boy get involved enough with the Jewish people to be invited to speak at the Museum of the Diaspora in Tel Aviv? For SJ, the connection was entirely accidental.

Introducing Consul-General Dan Ben Eliezer Print

Hong Kong said goodbye in June to Eli and Ornit Avidar, the former Consul General of the State of Israel and his wife. The community recently welcomed his replacement, Consul General Dan Ben- Eliezer.

Consul-General Ben-Eliezer moved to Hong Kong after two years as Ambassador to the Kingdom of Nepal, a country that is at the same time both close to and worlds away from the SAR.

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