7 June 2008 - 4 Sivan 5768 - ד' סיון ה' אלפים תשס"ח
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Malaysian born convert denied Israeli citizenship Print

A Malaysian-born American citizen has applied for permission to immigrate to Israel with his wife, an Israeli citizen who was living overseas, in an attempt to excercise his right under the Law of Return.

Syloke Soong was born to a Christian family in Kuala Lumpur.He gave up his Malaysian citizenship and has not returned to the country in 15 years. The computer programmer joined a Reform congregation in Maine and converted to Judaism in 2001.

In 2003 he received American citizenship and married Mejah, an Israeli who left the country when she was 5. Soong was rejected for Israeli citizenship but permitted to enter the country as a tourist.

This status however will not allow him the right to work or grant him eligibility to receive heath insurance.

Reports allege that his application for citizenship was rejected because he was born in what was labelled as an “enemy state”. Attorney Reut Michaeli of the Israel Religious Action Center, is representing Soong’s interests in his fi ght to receive Israeli citizenship and immigrant status.


(Issue May 2008) 

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