10 February 2016 - 1 AdarI 5776 - א' אדר ה' אלפים תשע"ו
Israel embassy in Vietnam holds telecom conference Print E-mail

Israel’s Embassy in Vietnam organised a conference on telecommunication and mobile devices in Vietnam on 28 May, bringing together six leading Israeli corporations and Vietnamese firms.

At the conference, Israel’s Ambassador to Vietnam Meirav Eilon Sahar said she appreciated the event as a forum for entrepreneurs and investors to discuss the opportunities and challenges they faced and identify solutions to help the industry move toward sustainable development.

Vietnam wanted to boost bilateral co-operation on telecommunication and information technology in order to expand markets and improve quality of service, commented Le Thi Ngoc Mo, deputy head of the Telecom Department under the Ministry of Information and Communications. Vietnam also planned to open its doors to Israeli firms to conduct market research and seek partnership opportunities.

(Issue July/August 2015)

Israeli institutions hold Islamic bonds Print E-mail

Israeli institutional investors hold shares in securities listed on Arab stock exchanges, including Islamic Sukuk bonds, according to the website Stocker.co.il, which tracks assets held by Israeli pension funds and other institutions.

Among the biggest holdings is Saudi Electricity Global Sukuk Company, a unit of the Saudi Electric Company that issues Islamic bonds. Israelis hold 14.7 million Israeli shekels (US$3.8 million) of the debt.

Israeli institutions hold an additional 3 million Israeli shekels in Sukuk bonds in the United Arab Emirates bank Emirates NBD. More are held in the Islamic Development Bank, a multistate institution that includes Saudi Arabia and Libya as shareholders.

Israeli institutions hold 1.2 million Israeli shekels of bonds in the National Bank of Abu Dhabi and an unspecified amount in Malaysia’s Wakala Global Sukuk.

(Issue July/August 2015)

More potash supply to China E-mail

The agreements include options for an additional 100,000 metric tons, which are part of three-year framework agreements between ICL and its Chinese customers. Some of the quantities during the first half of 2015 have not been delivered as a result of an industrial strike action by staff at the ICL Dead Sea plant; they will be delivered during the second half of the year.

The new contracts demonstrate the strong relationships that ICL has developed with its customers in China, notwithstanding potential supply problems as a result of the strike.

The contracts reinforce ICL’s standing as one of the world’s main suppliers of potash to China, a rapidly growing potash market.

ICL Fertilizers CEO Nissim Adar said: “The agreements we have signed with our customers in China for 2015 confirm ICL’s strategy to reinforce our position in the Chinese market by marketing and selling directly to potash manufacturers and distributors. We are grateful for the trust and confidence they have placed in ICL over the years – and especially during this period – and we will continue to work diligently to strengthen their trust.”

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Agritech 2015 – attracts government ministers from across the globe E-mail

The 19th International Agricultural Technology Exhibition, one of the world’s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies, was held in Israel from 28 to 30 April. The Agritech Exhibition is held once every three years at the Israel Trade Fairs and Convention Center in Tel Aviv.

The three-day event presented ground-breaking technologies and insights into post-harvest methods and processes, and ways of tackling the challenge of post-harvest food losses. The event brings together key industry experts, attended by agronomists, farm owners, government representatives, heads of municipalities, researchers, project managers and scientists.

With the world’s population expected to grow from 7 billion today to 9 billion by 2050, the need for improved agricultural productivity has never been greater. One of the ways to enhance productivity is through the stimulation of innovation in agricultural and food technologies, from breeding new crop varieties to developing sustainable crop-protection and postharvest technologies. Other issues that need to be addressed include livestock health, feed solutions, aquaculture, soil-less agriculture, irrigation technologies and precision agriculture.

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ZAE to assist electric vehicle infrastructure in Nanjing E-mail

Ziv Av Engineering (ZAE), one of Israel’s largest engineering companies developing and manufacturing high-tech products, will design and supply battery switching stations for electrically powered vehicles in Nanjing, a city with 8 million residents and the capital of Jiangsu Province in Eastern China.

ZAE has signed a co-operation agreement with Chinese company Bustil, which holds the franchise for charging and switching batteries on electric vehicles in the city.

The Chinese company already operates battery charging and switching stations in a number of Chinese cities, but in Nanjing it operates the entire municipal infrastructure, which is planned to include 7,000 charging stations around the city centre by the end of the year, as well as stations for switching batteries on public vehicles and buses.

The local government plans to deploy extensive and convenient infrastructure in order to encourage the public to travel in electric vehicles. ZAE was selected as a partner for the development centre and project on the basis of its experience in designing automated battery switching stations for the Better Place venture. The owner and Chairman of ZAE is Dr. Amir Ziv Av, former Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Roads.

The agreement was signed at a ceremony supported by the Nanjing local government and attended by the Vice Mayor, senior municipal administration officials and senior Chinese transportation industry officials.

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