15 December 2018 - 8 Tevet 5779 - ח' טבת ה' אלפים תשע"ט
El Al withdraws petition over unfair competition with Air India E-mail

Following a court hearing in July, El Al Israel Airlines has withdrawn its appeal petition to Israel’s High Court, as the court has indicated that its case has no chance of succeeding.

This follows a decision by the Saudi authorities in March to grant permission to Air India to fly between India and Israel over Saudi Arabia.

This was the first time that Saudi Arabia had ever given such permission, which shortens flight times to Israel by as much as two hours.

However El Al is still required to fly around the kingdom, and the airline had insisted that it was the victim of discrimination by the State of Israel and unjust competition with Air India.

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52nd International Children’s Games held in Jerusalem E-mail

Athletes aged 12 to 15 from 29 nations competed in nine sports and participated in cultural activities at the 52nd International Children’s Games (ICG), held from 31 July to 2 August in Jerusalem. In an opening ceremony on 30 July at Sultan’s Pool, 750 boys and 750 girls were welcomed.

A recognised organisation of the International Olympic Committee, the Switzerland-based ICG has held Summer Games and Winter Games, with participants from a total of 500 cities in 110 countries, since 1968.

“Seventy years of Israel and 50 years of ICG are found together in Jerusalem. It’s a unique capital, full of rich culture, and we are here to celebrate the sporting event of young athletes in the Olympic spirit for the first time ever in the city,” said ICG President Torsten Rasch.

Participants came from a host of countries, including India, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand in Asia, plus the US, Israel and many countries in Europe and Africa.

Matches at several Jerusalem venues encompassed nine sports: basketball, soccer, street ball, volleyball, fencing, judo, athletics, tennis and swimming.

Slovenian sports instructor Metod Klemenc founded the International Children’s Games with the aim of promoting peace and friendship through sports to the world’s youth. He organised the first International Children’s Games and Cultural Festival in 1968, with the participation of teams from nine European cities.

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Australian war memorial honours Jewish service members Print E-mail

Australia opened a new war memorial in the capital, Canberra, on 12 August, in memory of the hundreds of Australian Jewish service members who died for their country, The Brisbane Times reported.

The cenotaph bearing the names of the fallen was dedicated at the National Jewish Memorial Centre in Canberra in the presence of Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and Chief of the Defence Force, General Angus Campbell.

Around 9,000 Australian Jews have served in their country’s armed forces since the late 19th century, with 341 of them dying in the line of duty. The dedication was timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the knighting of Sir John Monash, Australia’s most famous Jewish soldier and one of the most decorated commanders of WWI. Last month, a sculpture of General Monash was commemorated at the Australian War Memorial, the Australian Jewish News reported.

(Issue Sep 2018)

Ice cream company forced to change name of “Poor Jew” cone E-mail

The Jewish community in Russia’s Tatarstan region is happy and relieved after an ice cream manufacturing company, Slavitsa, was ordered to change the name of its “Poor Jew” brand because it is offensive. The Naberezhnye Chelny city court announced the ruling against the company on 11 August.

Regional prosecutor Alexander Evgrafov had launched proceedings against the factory for discriminatory speech in March following protests by the local Jewish community. The ice cream cone is also wrapped in an image of Israel’s flag.

In court, Slavitsa’s lawyer recalled that the phrase “Poor Jew” had been used in the past by other manufacturers and is widely known as the name of a local baked tart sold by the firm Karibe. The phrase was also used as the name of alcohol products produced by TaigaVostok. He also maintained that it is a registered trademark belonging to Slavitsa and is therefore protected. The prosecutor, however, argued that the phrase was not known well enough to justify its use in commerce and cited the offence it caused the Jewish community.

In March, Leonid Shteinberg, a leader of the Jewish community in Naberezhnye Chelny, called the name “racist” and demanded that the production and sale of the ice cream cone be halted.

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Indonesian Islamic leader attends conference in Israel E-mail

A top member of Indonesia’s largest Islamic movement visited Israel in June, at the invitation of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), a US advocacy group that was holding a major conference in Jerusalem.

Yahya Staquf is the Secretary General of the 60-million-member Nahdlatul Ulama movement, the largest traditionalist Sunni Islam Muslim organisation in Indonesia, established in Jakarta in 1926.

Braving angry protests at home, he was in Israel in order to spread what he called a message of interfaith compassion. Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country, does not have diplomatic relations with Israel, and support for the Palestinians there is strong. Staquf’s presence triggered angry reactions, as seen on Indonesian social media.

However in an interview prior to the visit, Staquf said he remained committed to the visit and hoped the controversy would bring more attention to his message of tolerance. “Some people here are amazed by my decision to come, because they think it must be dangerous for this man to come, thinking that many, many Muslims must be threatening him with death or something,” Staquf told The Associated Press.

Staquf addressed the AJC conference, appearing alongside a rabbi in his discussion. His also had meetings at Israel’s Hebrew University and talks with local Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders.

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