22 October 2019 - 23 Tishri 5780 - כ"ג תשרי ה' אלפים תש"פ
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Israeli contemporary dance groups to showcase in Hong Kong E-mail

To kick-start a three month promotion of Israeli contemporary dance performers, renowned Israeli actress-choreographer-dancer Renana Raz opened the second Tai Kwun Dance Season, staging the 16 Strings and One Body at JC Cube on 27-29 September.

Ranana skilfully transplants the heart of chamber music into her choreography, an inspiring juxtaposition of dance and music which elevates the performing art experience. The stirring chamber music was performed by the Toscanini String Quartet, formed by four members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Tai Kwun festival features a series of programmes by overseas and local artists and groups, generating dialogue about the feminine identity while disrupting external perceptions of dance by testing boundaries and conventions.

A total of seven programmes are to be held from September to October to explore two key themes: identifying and breaking the boundaries of dance.

Later this month, choreographer and performer Dana Ruttenberg will present Dream Team on 24-27 October – a dance revolution waiting to be sparked from an ordinary “underground” ballroom! Dana is a 60 year-old performer, a “hasbeen” dancer, physiotherapist, and a single mother who seeks to return to the stage and a choreographer. In the ballroom, you are up close with the performers as they reveal their dreams, fantasies, and nightmares.

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Theme announced for The Fourth Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art E-mail

The exhibition explores the intersection between contemporary art and the Jewish world, and will this year take as its theme For Heaven’s Sake! (Le Shem Shamayim).

The 2019 Jerusalem Biennale showcases the work of 200 professional Israeli and international artists from around 15 countries. In all 30 exhibitions will be presented across 12 venues in Jerusalem, running from 10 October to 28 November.

For Heaven’s Sake! will allow an exploration of the motivation for action in general – and for artistic creation in particular – as well as the Jewish tradition of dispute. It refers to the wellknown verse from the Mishnah: “Any dispute which is for the sake of Heaven will ultimately endure, and one which is not for the sake of Heaven will not ultimately endure”.

Founder and Creative Director Rami Ozeri, claims that it is “a metaphor with a range of possible interpretations that span the heavens themselves. “Two opposing viewpoints are prominent; one moves towards the abstract, the heavenly and the spiritual; the second focuses on the human and earthly areas of dispute and argument as a way to guide intention in a heavenly direction.”

Here are some of the highlighted selected exhibitions and venue locations during the event.

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Solar Guerrilla: Environmental Art exhibition E-mail

A new, innovative, thought provoking exhibition entitled Solar Guerrilla: Constructive Responses to Climate Change is currently being showcased at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, which will run until 15 December.

This is the first art exhibition in a museum of its calibre to address issues of global warming, adopting the perspective of cities as tools for instigating change.

In six thematic sections, the exhibition highlights case studies from around the world, including examples from Israel, US, Italy, Denmark, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi. Each chapter/section presents a professional approach – social, political, environmental, or technological – which promotes a different relationship with our planet.

Leading international architectural firms have worked closely on the exhibit, which also involves input from the UN Climate Change Secretariat and leading US environmentalists.

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