26 October 2014 - 2 Heshvan 5775 - ב' חשון ה' אלפים תשע"ה
Anne Frank book suspect arrested E-mail

After conducting an investigation Tokyo police have reportedly arrested a city resident in connection with the vandalism of hundreds of copies of Anne Frank related books in the Japanese capital’s libraries.

The suspect, identified as an “unemployed man in his 30s,” in a statement admitted to some involvement in the vandalism of the books in February. Police arrested the man on 7 March for entering a bookstore in the Ikebukuro district to hang a poster without permission. It is not known what the posters said.

Footage from the store’s security cameras reportedly showed the same man wandering back and forth inside the same bookstore through sections dealing with the Holocaust, including the day that some of the damage occurred.

Police spotted the man in security footage from other locations where vandalism occurred. They confiscated his cell phone and computer.

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Nepal to reduce fees to climb Mount Everest E-mail

Nepal will cut climbing fees for Mount Everest to lure more mountaineers to the world’s highest peak, already overcrowded during the peak climbing season.

Every year, around 20,000 Israeli backpackers travel to Nepal, mostly to embark on treks in the Everest and Annapurna mountain ranges. Joining other climbers, each paying thousands of dollars, they flock to the 8,850-metre (29,035 feet) Everest summit during the main climbing season stretching from March to May.

Under existing rules, Nepal charges US$25,000 per climber as a licence fee, or royalty. But a group of seven people can secure a permit for US$70,000, a practice officials say encourages climbers to form big groups.

Tourism Ministry official Tilakram Pandey said each climber will be charged $11,000 starting next year to end the practice.

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Israel’s Embassy in India in security threat Print E-mail

Israel’s Embassy in New Delhi was under a security threat after a 35-yearold man was arrested last month from outside the embassy premises.

The Times of India reported authorities arrested a man after the mission informed police of a suspicious person holding a parcel and trying to enter the premises. According to the report, the man was injured during a chase by police and embassy guards and, as such, has been rendered unable to provide an explanation for what he was doing. The package parcel reportedly found contained an idol of the Hindu deity, Ganesha.

The incident came two years after a car bomb exploded and injured an Israeli embassy worker in the Indian capital.

(Issue April 2014)


Experts looking to reduce water pollution Print E-mail

A team of experts from Israel are in Bhubaneswar the capital of the Indian state of Odisha to study groundwater pollution in the city. The Chilika Development Authority (CDA), managers of the wetlands at Chilika, is facilitating the team’s visit.

The team will conduct a study called phytoremediation, use of plants for the removal of pollutants from contaminated soil or water. “We have selected wetlands near the Biju Patnaik Airport for the study. The Odisha Wetlands Development Authority and the Department of Forest and Environment along with CDA will help the team promote eco-friendly technology to reduce water pollution,” said chief executive of CDA Ajit Pattnaik.

He said the study would go a long way in restoring the quality of water in urban water bodies.

(Issue April 2014)


Israel’s Embassy in Japan has intervened and is donating 300 Anne Frank-related books to Tokyo public libraries to replace those that have been vandalized.

In a shocking development that was reported last month by both local and international media groups Japan’s chief government spokesman commented that the police are conducting a “thorough investigation” and have established a task force to investigate the case.

Scores of copies of Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl kept in public libraries across Tokyo were damaged, sparking alarm amid a right-wing shift in Japan’s politics. Investigations under way are now focusing on one single individual that has committed this crime. Pages in at least 250 copies of the diary or publications containing biographies on Anne Frank, and related materials have been torn in many libraries across the city.

Toshihiro Obayashi, Deputy Director of the Central Library in the Suginami area, said 119 books have been damaged at 11 of its 13 public libraries, adding nothing like this had ever happened before. “Each and every book, which comes up under the index of Anne Frank, has been damaged at our library,” Obayashi said.

In a statement to Jewish Times Asia, Israel’s Embassy in Japan said “The Embassy of Israel and the Jewish Community of Japan has offered to donate and replace all Anne Frank diaries to the Tokyo libraries which were victims to the recent acts of vandalism.”

“We wish to say that we were deeply moved by the concerns and thoughtfulness of the Japanese people, Government, Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Police Authorities on this matter Anne Frank’s legacy is well known and respected in Japan, and her diary serves to better understand the holocaust and its human aspects. We have full trust in the Japanese authorities to bring those responsible for these appalling acts to justice.”

Peleg Lewi, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy did meet with Suginami Ward Mayor Ryo Tanaka and handed over some books at a news conference.

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