28 March 2014 - 26 AdarII 5774 - כ"ו 'אדר ב ה' אלפים תשע"ד
Religious girls win Thai kickboxing championship E-mail

Two orthodox Israeli teenage girls competed in the Thai kickboxing World Championship in Bangkok in May. Known as Muay Thai, it is an intense combat sport.

Five times a week, Nili Block, 18, of Beit Shemesh, and Sarah Avraham, 18, of Kiryat Arba, replace their religious schoolgirl outfits with boxing gloves and sportswear and head to the boxing centre at Jerusalem’s Teddy Stadium.

The intensive training has now led them to the title of world champions: Block defeated a Bulgarian opponent in the 51-54 kilogram class, while Avraham beat her British opponent in the 57-63.5-kilogram class.

“Our teachers at the ulpana (Jewish high school for girls) are very enthusiastic about it. They say it’s an honor for us,” says Nili.

Naama Etzion, principal of the AMIT Noga school where Nili studies, confirms that “it’s a great honor for our ulpana. We encouraged her and helped her. She put days and nights into it and reached the top – and we’reproud of her.”

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