21 September 2015 - 8 Tishri 5776 - ח' תשרי ה' אלפים תשע"ו
The H&M Passover connection Print E-mail

Of the many important events that occurred in Hong Kong over the past month, the opening of H&M was certainly on the top of the list.  Thanks to a very well orchestrated advertising blitz the exact date and time of the opening was boldly stamped into our subconscious.  And, we were told, shopping in Hong Kong would never be the same.  

Getting into the store was no small feat.  Waiting in line for over 2 hours was par for the course and one could not help but watch the “lucky ones” as they exited the store.  Some shoppers left the store proudly carrying large bags with their purchases proving that their wait and all the hype had been worth while.  Other shoppers, however, exited with nothing.  All the excitement and hype withstanding, their wardrobe would be left unchanged.

For which group of shoppers was the experience truly worthwhile?  And for which group was the shopping experience a waste of time.

Pesach is here.  We’ve been planning for it for a long time.  Seder arrangements, travel plans, spring cleaning.  The works.  It’s certainly not a holiday that can go unnoticed. Pesach, too, is a “shopping” opportunity.  There is so much on offer.  We have the choice.  We can come to the Seder, sip our wine, crunch our matzah, enjoy the charoset and leave  empty handed and no different than when we came.  Or we can come to the Seder and explore the endless inspiring messages that this wonderful holiday has to offer.  We can leave with bagfuls of inspiration and energy to take with us and brighten up our “wardrobe.”  

Take the special things on the Seder Table – the wine, matzah, and Seder Plate items.  Did it every strike you that each one of these item represents both a positive and negative aspect of the Pesach experience?    What a powerful  message this carries for us.  Situations are not always the way they seem. The most negative of circumstances carries the potential of being viewed positively.  Think about that….  Even before we’ve begun the Seder we have a life message – that if we choose to “buy” into it – can literally change the way we view our lives.

Another example is the simple verse in the Haggadah that states that “In each generation we must view ourselves as if we ourselves left Egypt.”  One of the popular interpretations of this verse is that the slavery of the Jews in Egypt is symbolic of our own slavery to outside factors – which are placed on us or, often times, we place on ourselves.  

Imagine if we could follow the inspiration of the forefathers and leave that bondage.  Imagine a life when outside factors, i.e. peer pressure, society norms, etc. no longer control our decisions?  

Two small aspects of our Seder.  Two huge life messages.  Not only for the Seder night but for the entire year.

And by the way.  It’s not only Pesach that offers us these incredible buying opportunities.  Each and every important date on our calendar has valuable life messages for us to buy into.  We just have to make the effort to wait on line, try things on, pull out our wallets and make the purchase.

Actually, the next “grand opening” in Hong Kong (and all over the world for that matter) is on Tuesday evening, May 22 at 6:40 p.m. 

This when the next festival on the Jewish calendar, Shavuot, will begin.   

Come early so you don’t have to wait on line.

Supplied by Goldie Avtzon, Shlucha of Chabad Hong Kong 

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