9 September 2015 - 25 Elul 5775 - כ"ה אלול ה' אלפים תשע"ה
Do Not Oppress The Stranger E-mail

The experience of oppression suffered by the Children of Israel has been emblazoned upon the psyche of the Jewish people, and has taught us how to treat the stranger. We have in fact spent the majority of our history outside of our homeland.

The Torah commands us: “You shall not wrong a stranger, nor oppress him; for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” (Shemot 22.20).  

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Lessons Of Light From Asia E-mail

Just imagine; two Yeshivah boys with hats, jackets, and beards and all, visiting the remote corners of the globe, truly the farthest places imaginable.

Yona and I are both Chabad rabbinic students in Brooklyn, New York. In many ways, the day to day world that we live in seems like farthest thing possible from the Jews we met, but then after a few minutes of conversation we felt like family. We took a chance and challenged ourselves. Together we shared the Chanukah spirit with Jews who may not have had the opportunity to celebrate in the most remote places.

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Jewish Historical Society of Hong Kong E-mail

The Jewish Historical Society of Hong Kong (JHS) was founded following a lecture given by S.J. Chan in 1984 at the former Jewish Club. The subject was the Jewish Community in the 12th Century Song dynasty capital of Kaifeng, and it was greeted with such enthusiasm that Chan challenged the Community to establish an association to begin collecting information about the Sino-Judaic experience in Hong Kong and China.

The initial aims of the JHS, an informal Society, were to establish a Judaica library for the Jewish community within which would be housed the Sino-Judaic collection; to promote Sino-Judaic co-operation; to thoroughly document the Hong Kong Jewish community and to publish on the subject. Lofty aims for a Society with only four founding members.

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