20 September 2015 - 7 Tishri 5776 - ז' תשרי ה' אלפים תשע"ו
Rosh Hashanah Message from the President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres Print E-mail

As we stand upon the threshold of the Jewish New Year and as I assume the Presidency of the State of Israel, I would first and foremost like to share with you my deepest and most sincere desire for the continued prosperity, security, intellectual wealth and wellbeing of the Jewish people throughout the world, and that of all those who seek peace and tolerance.

It is a time for unity - both at home and abroad. Within the wider framework of the dilemmas and challenges we face in the new era, the Jewish people are called upon to deal with issues and questions pertaining to our existence, our role in global initiatives and the shaping of our own identity. For many years, Israel had been perceived as a global “problem”. Today, global challenges are as much on the Israeli agenda as they are issues which trouble the entire world.

It is thus called for that we work together to address these and future challenges - not merely to respond to them, but to dream and to create... to come up with strategic priorities, as profoundly as our people have demonstrated throughout history... to believe and to carry out... It is only via the consolidation of our efforts - those of Israel and the Jewish people - that we may truly lend a hand to shaping the future and the wellbeing of our people.

Living in a globalized world, “reality” inevitably becomes a dynamic and forever changing phenomenon, within which different communities are faced with varying circumstances and challenges. The Jewish people must not neglect the importance of collecting the single voices throughout the Jewish world and combining them into a comprehensive and meaningful whole.

Our responsibility, as a people, is to allow for all such voices to be heard. We must, both in Israel and throughout the Diaspora, learn the art of sensitivity and wisdom, which may allow us to extract the potential embedded in such voices. Our aim, throughout this process, must remain to promote an intellectual as well as qualitative partnership for the good of our people.

It is an inherent part of the Jewish heritage to seek global responsibilities within the framework of Tikkun Olam. Despite its small size, Israel has proved that it is capable of creating a unique economy. Similarly, it has become a global pioneer in the realm of scientific development. It is crucial that Israel continues to carve out a role for itself in the sphere of global science and technology and to serve as a pioneer in the infinite search for solutions to global challenges in the fields of education, telecommunications, agriculture, global warming and more. The Jewish people throughout the world have been, and continue to serve, as the backbone to such achievements. Together, the State of Israel and the Jews of the Diaspora have the inherent potential to contribute to forwarding peace and prosperity on a global level in general, and to consolidating Jewish existence in particular.

In order to make the aforementioned aspirations into a reality, regional partnerships must be nurtured and all available natural and human resources wisely used, in a bid to promote regional economic development and education for peace. No opportunity can be missed and every lead must be followed, in order to promote peace among ourselves and with our neighbors.

Simultaneously, we must take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of Jewish life wherever it may be.

The State of Israel deeply values the participation of the Jewish communities around the world in the process of ensuring its wellbeing. Of particular value is the continued participation of the Jewish youth of today, and the leaders of the future. While we must continue to proudly cherish the Jewish heritage and ethics of our forefather our sights must also be set upon our children- for we must pave the way to their integration and growth within the new age.

Indeed, we stand on the edge of the present. We still face all manner of challenges and the greatest is not to let galloping prospects pass us by. This is our resolve. This is our prayer.

With Rosh Hashana at our doorstep, I convey, once more, my warmest personal wishes to you, your families and your communities for a year of peace and wellbeing.

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