25 October 2016 - 23 Tishri 5777 - כ"ג תשרי ה' אלפים תשע"ז
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Competition Keeps Us All Straight

The Israeli Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong was established in 1994. We have dynamic companies, whose businesses over a wide range of industries
and sectors.

Our loyalties lie first and foremost with our members, acting as their voice in advising the Israeli Government in matters affecting businesses and the economy, providing members with business information and opportunities, and facilitating networking through a variety of chamber activities.

Israeli companies can take advantage of the wonderful environment in doing business in Hong Kong with low taxation, a skilled work force, a developed financial system, excellent communication facilities combined with a minimum of government interference and outstanding banking facilities. Hong Kong will further strengthen its status as a key strategic centre for international business and finance.

For five hundred years, nothing signifi cantly happened in the world economy. Since 80 years ago, many things happened in the world, such as transportation, aviation, high technology, computer, internet, fax machine, and other aspects that contribute to our life.

Instead of conventional war, mankind shows an economical war which was wonderful to society up to this time.

It came to a point where we lost control, and no one knew what happened, to who it happened, and what will happen. In my opinion, there was too much money in the world economy, and sometimes when you reach high degree you lose control. Just like when you are driving fast, it is difficult to stop. If you are driving slowly, you are more in control.

In the same token, the US dollar was strong when the economy in USA was strong, and the country security was sound. Today, unfortunately, the dollar has weakened because of the world crisis, especially in USA. People are looking for a global economic stability and world security. Some people ask what happen, and some people make it happen. We must not give up; competition will keep us all straight.

First of all, we must realize that we are in a serious crisis and rather than blame each other and take just aspirin, we must take some good antibiotic, be united and do something about it drastically. Banks and other fi nancial institution must do the job, and do what they suppose to do originally. We all need more disciplinary in our field.

Those who are willing and able to compete, will stay in the game, and those who are not willing to put effort and compete will get out of the game which they should not be there in the first place.

Regarding the world security, I still like to believe punishment does not work, communication is always better. Good brings good and bad brings bad.

In this opportunity, I wish each and every soul on this earth, health, happiness and success. Together we shall win. We couldn't have come this far without you.

God bless

Rafael Aharoni,
(Issue April 2009)
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