27 September 2010 - 19 Tishri 5771 - י"ט תשרי ה' אלפים תשע"א
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The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem has opened a unique display of Bibles. The project initiated by the Bible Valley Society together with the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a global initiative wherein hundreds of thousands of people unite together to hand-inscribe Bibles in their native languages.

On display in the museum is a selection of complete inscribed Bibles representing a variety of languages and nationalities including Chinese, Tamil, Taiwanese and Finish.

The display is enhanced with selected artwork from the project, Children of the world paint the Bible, that was originally exhibited at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem in 1999.

To date, thousands of people from 31 countries have participated in this project. Each community hand-inscribed 23,127 verses of the Bible, the goal being to complete the inscribing of 100 Bibles in 100 hundred languages.

Among the countries participating in this project: Panama, Costa Rica, Brazil, United States, Argentina, Denmark, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Greece, Israel, Poland, Singapore, Finland, Canada, England, Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, Ukraine and more.

This unique undertaking builds bridges of understanding between the people as they are united by a shared love and reverence for the Bible.

This one-of-a-kind display demonstrates the living relevance and broad outreach of the Bible today, and is therefore most appropriately on display in the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, where the history of the Bible comes to life for people of all faiths and nationalities.

The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem is a jewel in the crown of Jerusalem’s museum row. It has inspired and educated hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world.


An interactive time capsule – the Museum exhibits thousands of artifacts illuminating the shared cultural history of the people of biblical times, in the lands of the Bible. The daily lives of our ancestors, the origins of communication, trade and commerce, spiritual and religious ritual, art and architecture are revealed through the artifacts on display.

Visitors interested in participating in People of the World inscribe the Bible can arrange to inscribe a biblical verse in the Museum.

Supplied by Israel Ministry of Tourism

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