24 January 2010 - 9 Shevat 5770 - ט' שבט ה' אלפים תש"ע
Israel pavilion for Expo 2010 Print E-mail

The national pavilion of Israel will feature an exhibition on the theme: “Innovation for Better Life.” It is an innovative and architecturally futuristic structure symbolising breakthroughs and technology.

The pavilion is composed of two architectural curvilinear forms which hug each other like two hands.

The two dynamic forms symbolise Israeli innovation and technology. The 1,200-square-metre pavilion consists of three experiential realms: Whispering Garden, Hall of Light and Hall of Innovations.

The Hall of Innovation is covered in natural stone, symbolising the connection to earth, history, and recycling of natural materials.

The Hall of Light is covered with transparent PVC/ glass, symbolising technology, transparency, lightness and the future.

(Issue June 2009)

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