4 January 2010 - 18 Tevet 5770 - י"ח טבת ה' אלפים תש"ע
World March links with Israel’s Kibbutz Holit Print E-mail

The organisers of the World March for Peace and Non Violence in Israel have met with leaders of the Shomer Hatzair Movement and have agreed to carry out 3 days of activities for this epic World March related to peace and non-violence in Holit Kibbutz on the 7 - 9 October 2009.

The World March will pass from New Zealand, to Australia, Philippines, and on into Asia before reaching Europe and continuing on to North and South America. It is organised by World without Wars, Spain.

The agreed activities in Israel involve: “Day of Nonviolence”, “Ecological Education” and “Peace and Coexistence” with youth movements and the general public from across the country. The ‘party’ - a light touch is recommended as this is a ‘for’ not an ‘anti’ event - will start with a “Sukkah for Peace” - from the days of the Feast of Tabernacles following the 40 year journey of the Jewish people through the Sinai desert after being liberated from slavery in Egypt.

The Sukkah make-shift dwelling which they will stay in also serves for the conference, discussion groups and, at night, artistic events and dancing.

Kibbutz Holit is located in the South of Israel, barely 2 kilometres from the triple border with Gaza and Egypt and it is one of the Kibbutzim of Shomer Hatzair, a pioneering Kibbutz Movement in the country, with a Zionist and socialist orientation.

(Issue September 2009)

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