18 January 2010 - 3 Shevat 5770 - ג' שבט ה' אלפים תש"ע
Israel reluctant to accept Nepali workers Print E-mail

Casting a cloud over hopes of Nepali workers taking up jobs in Israel, migrant workers from that secluded enclave footing the Himalayas have learned that until malpractices by unscrupulous manpower agents in Nepal come to a halt, Nepali workers will no longer be processed by Israel.

Negotiations have been underway for four months in a diplomatic exercise by Nepali officials, but despite those exchanges, the chances of Israel restarting the process to recruit Nepali workers have not improved.

Israel recently clarified the problem - the practice of collecting exorbitant fees from the Nepali workers in the home country.

Israel is a popular destination for Nepali workers seeking foreign employment. However, as reported on nepalnews.com, Israel has clarified to the Nepali mission in Israel that it would not reopen the process of welcoming Nepali workers until the activities of manpower agents are ‘improved’, according to sources at labour ministry.

Another malpractice is the ever increasing number of Nepali workers doubling as manpower agents in Israel.

The Israeli embassy has informed enquirers that it has cancelled visas of those who had obtained them but had not been able to go to Israel for work. Thaneshwar Devkota, Executive Director, of Nepal’s Foreign Employment Promotion Board has confirmed that and stated that they need to reapply for the visa if Israel starts taking Nepali workers again.

Around 12,000 Nepalis are working in Israel and over 80 per cent of them are women working as care-givers.

(Issue September 2009)

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